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Our products are reliable and durable, giving you the best value for your money.

Perfect Solution for Your Home

  • Smart scenes for all lifestyles. Easy one-tap switching.
  • Interconnect smart devices for home automation.
  • Find ideal interaction modes that best fit product traits.
  • Design a smart home layout using digital models.

Smoke sensor

Open source software for your client's needs

Door/Window Sensor

True enough, but that's not all that it takes

Smart Light

Focus on the actual layout, or color scheme

* You can test our security system within 30 days.

Control your home, your way.

Get the help you need, right when you need it. Just talk, touch, or tap to control individual smart devices, entire rooms, or your whole home from anywhere.

Control From Anywhere

A Holakay smart home system lets you control your lights, check on your porch, or adjust the temperature from anywhere—all from an app. All Holakay products work together seamlessly giving you the peace of mind that comes with a secure, smart home.

Make Your Home Comfortable

Smart homes are now accessible to everyone, offering voice control, automation, and remote access to appliances and security systems. They have become a crucial part of our daily lives, making our homes comfortable, easy, and connected.

Control with just your voice.

Linking up all your smart devices is easy with Amazon Alexa / Google Home / Apple Siri. You can ask questions, play music, manage your energy account and add to your shopping list whenever you like.

Security Features

We uses your compatible devices and data to make your home more helpful – and in the ways you prefer. So you can rest easy knowing you’re in control of your personal information, and that you’re backed by world-class security.

Create Personal Scenarios

Automate your smart home with scripts. Rest assured that every command will be delivered to the hub communications executed with reliable radio.

  • Good Morning
  • Good Night
  • I’m Home
  • Add Scenario

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