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10″ Zigbee Control Panel

Original price was: US$ 598.28.Current price is: US$ 448.71.

This product is suitable for indoor public spaces, and integrates a multi-functional central control that integrates control, interconnection, entertainment, and security. Compatible with a variety of product forms, it adopts standard 86 in-wall base design or desktop base, and is used with wall brackets to fix the central control host panel and hang it on the wall. It mainly provides gateway function, scene panel, device video interconnection, music playback and other functions. Users can control and manage different types of smart devices under the account through physical buttons, screen, voice and other interactive methods.

13.56mhz IC Cards

Original price was: US$ 2.36.Current price is: US$ 2.13.

5pcs 13.56mhz IC M1 Plastic Secure Swipe Card For Digital Smart Fingerprint Locks

13.56mhz Wristbands

Original price was: US$ 2.36.Current price is: US$ 2.13.

– Color: Black
– Card type: M1 13.56Mhz chip
– Application: For all M1 SMART LOCKS

🔥This is a very good wristband that is suitable for kids and olds. the length is 25mm, and the sizes can be adjusted according to your wrist sizes.

🖊️And logo and color can be customized, if your order quantity more than 200pcs.

4″ Zigbee Control Panel

Original price was: US$ 249.00.Current price is: US$ 140.57.

This 86 in-wall multifunctional central control panel adopts the Android platform and mainly provides gateway functions,interactive functions and context panel functions.It is installed in the 86 cassette in theuser’s home.The user can manage the sub-devices at home through interactive methods such as screen andvoice.

5 in 1 Electric Hydraulic Car Jack

SKU: CJ-004
Original price was: US$ 239.00.Current price is: US$ 149.00.

5T electric hydraulic jack can be used with 12V car power socket. It can lift the car in less than 1 minute; the kit includes an impact wrench for quick screw removal and tire change; the jack includes an air pump to inflate the tire. The kit’s simple and compact design is easy to pack with the included plastic box for easy transportation and storage. Jacks can meet a variety of needs, and together they form a practical tool for outdoor emergencies. The structure is safe and stable. The LED light on the jack can be used as a flashlight.

6.8″ Zigbee Control Panel

Original price was: US$ 369.00.Current price is: US$ 229.95.

Introducing the 2023 Easy Smart Home Control upgrade. With built-in speaker and microphone, video doorbell intercom, and high-quality touchscreen panels featuring the Tuya Smart App, controlling your smart devices has never easier. Replace old switches in just 15 minutes, and enjoy scenes that match your lifestyle. Control lights, locks, thermostats, and more without needing a phone. Connect via Bluetooth for seamless music playback. Compatible with a wide range of Tuya products.

8MP Dual Lens Camera

Original price was: US$ 128.00.Current price is: US$ 65.54.

Dual lens, Dual screen, Police Light alarm, humanoid tracking, two way voice intercom 360 monitoring, full color night vision, IP66 waterproof, mobile phone remote monitoring,Share video, SD card storage, 24 hours video recording.

Auto 3D Face Sliding Lock

SKU: Z1 Pro
US$ 139.00

– Features Included : APP Access, Face Recognition, Fingerprint Unlock, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key.
– Convenient remote management via the APP from anywhere.
– Control multiple locks with just one phone.
– Handle-free design suitable for various scenarios.
– Video call and real-time intercom for better home management.
– Check unlock records anytime for enhanced security awareness.
– Compact size fits all wooden and metal doors.
– FPC fingerprint reader ensures top-notch security.
– Emergency power supply for low-power situations.

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Automatic Digital Lock

SKU: G1 Pro
Original price was: US$ 136.50.Current price is: US$ 105.00.

Live a smart life from a smart lock: Your fingerprint is unique in the world, which guarantees safety without a doubt. Taking advantage of the technology of semiconductor and biological characteristics are adopted, which avoids the same fingerprint. Combine appearance, functionality, convenience, and high technology in one, which in line with the taste of the public, well-liked by the public.

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Bluetooth Gateway

Original price was: US$ 19.90.Current price is: US$ 9.90.

Bluetooth MESH (SIG) gateway is composed of highly integrated wireless WiFi module, Low energy wireless Bluetooth module and main board.Through the Tuya Smart APP, users can implement device addition, device reset, third-party control, and Bluetooth (single point & mesh) group control to meet smart home and other applications,featured as an extremely powerful smart home bridge for Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Laser Cat Toy

SKU: TY011
Original price was: US$ 65.84.Current price is: US$ 39.90.

When the cat is left alone at home, it often gets bored and starts to mess around. Petoneer Smart Dot avoids this. The device was created to stimulate cat instincts and awaken a hidden hunter in the animal. It will provide your pet with great entertainment when he is alone at home. You can set it up in such a way that it keeps your pet fun at all times – your feline friend won’t even notice that you’re gone! This interactive companion makes cats no longer in danger of boredom.

Bluetooth Smart Gate Lock

SKU: 8302-2
US$ 59.00US$ 69.00

The Holakay Metal Gate Lock is a secure smart lock that was designed and built for use on metal gates. It supports multiple users – and every user can add their own, personal authentication methods, such as fingerprints and thumbprints, PIN codes, and mechanical key. Adding and managing users and authentication methods can be done conveniently using a smartphone app, through a secure Bluetooth connection. Going keyless never looked so good.

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