Best Smart Lock App? TTLock VS Tuya

A smart lock is a lock that can be controlled remotely via a smartphone. This gives you the ability to access multiple features, such as fingerprint access, RFID access, remote access, user-specific passwords, temporary passwords, and the addition of having a log for entries, all of which are all at your fingertips.There are several options for a smart lock. This article will compare the two most popular apps: Tuya App and TTLock App.


The TTLock APP uses BLE technology that enables you to connect to and configure your lock with your mobile. The APP then uses Bluetooth technology to talk directly to your smart lock from your mobile. 

  • Available on iOS AppStore and Android Google Play with regular updates to improve the software and user experience. 
  • Compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth door locks, padlocks, safe locks, lock cylinders, parking locks, bicycle locks and remote control locks. 
  • Excellent Smart Lock operation and user experience.
  • Compatible with Home Automation technology such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa.
  • TTLock uses high quality software that enables you to manage many locks from one app. This can be useful for real estate agents, Airbnb, hotels, offices, car rentals and gyms. 
  • It’s a free app.
  • TTLock only supports smart locks and the alike, it doesn’t support other smart home products.
  • There are fewer manufacturers creating product with TTLock software when compared with Tuya.

Tuya APP

Tuya is often more popular on the app store than TTLock. It is know for its smart home management for smart locks as well as other smart home devices. Tuya uses Bluetooth to build its IoT platform which enables integration of Smart Bluetooth products. 

  • Tuya makes it easy to operate multiple home automation devices from the single device.
  • The software is available to multiple manufacturers which enable a wide variety to products to be created. This gives you a larger pool of quality product to choose from. 
  • Operated via smart phone app.
  • Supports a wide range of home automation products.
  • It’s a free app.
  • Some devices still require an additional gateway device.
  • It does not work with smart home systems such as Phillips Hue.
  • Pairing can be difficult where the product is not exactly easy.
  • Some reading sensors in the gadget can be a bit slow.

Which one do I choose?

If you’re looking for a platform to adequately manage your smart locks, we recommend choosing the TTLock app as it has an excellent system which will provide easy and convenient usage. On the other hand, if you are looking to have all your smart home automation products on the one app, Tuya is recommended as devices are more likely to be compatible on Tuya due to the wider range of product. 

Whether you choose Tuya or TTLock, both provide excellent software to enable you to control your smart locks from the comfort of your own phone!

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